Entry to the event opens August 26th for All Week entries and the Youth Weekend.

As in previous years it is our intention to offer "2 days of your choice" entries after the weekend provided that the event is not over subscribed at that time. We are awaiting delivery of some of our GPS units which are going through customs. Priority is therefore being given to people wishing to attend Weymouth Speed Week for the full week as we only have a handful of GPS units still available.

If you don't have knowledge of the event do have a look at the Event History and the Event Guide (which may well be last year's copy until a few weeks before this year's event).

We try to ensure that the event is not only well run and safely organised but also immensely enjoyable for the participants both on and off the water. There are many opportunities to socialise and to learn from each other.

The entry process has two stages. The first is to make an account on this web site, for those that have entered in the past then this step can be ignored.

  1. If you haven't made an account before then the first step is to click on "Create an Account", complete the form and make sure you respond to the email that you will receive very shortly after the form is submitted. This activates your account.
  2. After doing this you can Login to your account using the "Login" menu link under the "Enter WSW" option. When logged in you will see a new Menu option "WSW Entry Form". Click on that link, complete and submit the form. You will receive an email detailing the information you provided, the amount to be paid and the details of how to pay it.

If the email hasn't arrived within a few minutes check to see if your entry appears on the list of entrants - please do not enter again. The message may be in your junk folder or your account may have an out of date email. 

Only enter ONCE per person, if you need to amend your entry or you have a problem please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Note: If you wish to complete an entry for someone else that you will be paying for then change the name and details in the form as required and then submit. If you do submit entries for more than one person please pay for each individually using the reference as per the emails you will receive.

  1. Ensure you pay promptly - places are limited and only secured on full payment. Event Shirts are ordered a three weeks before the event start, but only for paid entrants. When your money reaches our account we will email you confirmation.

For reference the Weymouth Speed Week account details are:

Account Name: Weymouth SW
Sort Code: 40 38 10
Account Number: 0146 2288

International Bank Account Number: GB38HBUK40381001462288

Please use your family name and the ID number as the payee reference.

  1. If you haven't already done so, subscribe to our email "Event News" (found at the bottom of the home page), we aim to publish one or two in the run up to the event, it is a good way to keep in touch. We will also email all competitors just before the event with joining instructions including details of parking areas and gate codes.
  2. Arrive at the Event and find your way to the Event Office which will be open from the Friday afternoon before the event and where you will receive a warm welcome.

For 2023 the cost of entry to the event is:

  • £245 all week (+£35 if a second craft type is also entered e.g. sailboard and wing foiler)
  • £105 for 2 days of your choice (+£15 if a second craft type is also entered e.g. sailboard and wing foiler)
  • The cost of entry for youths is reduce by 1/3rd
  • A £20 deposit is required for the rash vest
  • If you choose not to have an event shirt there is a reduction of £10
  • Lost GPS units will be charged at £120