At Weymouth Speed Week we provide dedicated GPS units for the event.

These have been designed and supplied with custom firmware to enable the easy running of the event.

Specifically, they are:

  • of the same technical capability
  • set to the correct logging frequency and speed threshold
  • very accurate
  • small, lightweight and easily worn
  • extremely rugged
  • have no display
  • have one LED light and one button
  • sealed and fully waterproof and do not require a secondary "Aquapac"
  • charge wirelessly
  • automatically connect by Wifi to the Weymouth Speed Week system to download the data at the end of day

Using these dedicated units also means that we can set everything up and allocate units before your arrival so that registration should be very quick and stress free.

All competitors can use their own unit in addition so they can see how they are performing and / or as a backup, so long as the unit meets the minimum standards required (see list below).

After the event we will make available all of the GPS data so you can keep a copy of your data from the WSW units. We will also publish the gates used and the course times.


List of units so that, if necessary, we can download data meeting the minimum accuracy requirements for Weymouth Speed Week.

Links are provided to a website providing basic information about the units:

Configuration of backup units so that, if necessary, we can download data meeting the requirements of Weymouth Speed Week:

  • GT-31
    • Memory card
      • log switch = on-fix
      • min speed = 5
      • NMEA items = SBN
      • file size = card size
    • Data logger
      • interval = 1 sec
      • min speed = 5
      • Please be sure to clear the data logger before the first day of WSW
  • GW-52 and GW-60
    • Logging frequency = 5 Hz
    • Minimum speed = 5
    • Please be sure to clear the log before the first day of WSW
  • Motion LCD and Mini
    • Logging frequency = 5 Hz

It is the responsibility of competitors to ensure their personal "backup" devices are configured correctly.

Please ensure that internal logs have been cleared prior to the first day of WSW, if using a GT-31, GW-52 or GW-60.