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Who are we?

Speed and Track is a new collaboration between Nick Povey and Tim Daish aimed at enabling the organisers of sporting events to better promote, manage and run their event. Together we bring a wealth of experience ranging across the fields of event management, engineering & technology, software development and information management and we combine this with an interest in speed sailing.

What do we do?

We use technology and the web to promote and help organise an event, and we collect data and generate results during the event. For Weymouth Speed Week these aspects have been catered for with the SSerpant software and its integration with this web site. The past months have seen a new focus on the collecting, processing and displaying of real-time meteorological data during an event.

We can offer a range of products to event organisers including:

  • Arranging web server hosting packages
  • Advising upon event charity status
  • Advising upon data protection issues
  • Website Design
    • we have built the new website and are responsible for many corporate and charity web sites - including Windsurfing 4 Cancer Research -
  • Event Management
    • competitor registration
    • fee processing
    • database design and reporting
    • the hiring of equipment, from buoys, through GPS data loggers to WifFi hotspots
  • Bespoke Software Development
    • we have created a range of software to help run the event, including:
      • SSERPANT
        • Speed Sailing Event Reporting and Analysis in Near-Time
        • with extensions for processing wind data
      • SSERPANT-RT (Real-Time)
        • REMODATA, remote meteorological data processing and display
    • we can provide help with your projects
      • requirements analysis
      • software testing
      • software development
  • Bespoke Hardware Integration
    • event wifi hotspot
    • weather data buoy, providing real-time weather data from the course via an Airmar PB200 weather sensor and radio communication
    • micro-processor integration
    • LED displays
  • Photography
    • high resolution images from your event

We are also working on real-time positioning of competitors which will in the future lead to real-time results processing and real-time leaderboard display.

Speed and Track and Weymouth Speed Week

Weymouth Speed Week has been the focus for Speed and Track's attention and effort; hardly surprising perhaps given Nick's longstanding involvement. The event provides our proving ground for the software and hardware we are developing.

We are currently working on many different aspects that, we hope, will keep competitors informed, better able to understand the wind conditions out on the course and help them make the appropriate kit choices.

During the 2012 Speed Week event, Speed and Track enabled competitors and spectators in the vicinity of the sailing park to view LIVE wind speed and direction, via a local wifi hotspot, on their smartphones, tablets and laptops. The Wind speed was also displayed on large LED digits that have been designed to be viewable from a great distance. The data was sent from an anemometer located on the water next to the course (firstly on a data buoy and later tied on a RIB).

The new Speed and Track trailer housed the computer and radio equipment necessary to process the data in real-time; meteorological data was delivered to the local wifi hotspot and wind speed was sent to the LED digits that were positioned at the front of the rigging area in full view of the competitors and spectators. We received some great feedback from the Speed Week competitors regarding our displays and we hope to build upon this technology in the future.

Further Information

If you'd like to know more about what we can do, please visit our new website or contact either Nick or Tim using one of the website links in the "Speed and Track Links" panel on this page. We'd like to hear from you about the kind of information you need to help you sail even better.