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The pictures of past Weymouth Speed Weeks are from a number of people all of whom are great supporters of Weymouth Speed Week - sources include Tim Daish, Nick Povey, Helena Darvelid, Dave White, Andrew "Spotto" Fisher, Andy Stallman, Bob Spagnoletti, Pete Davis and unknown others responsible for some of the historical pictures. We thank them all.

Entry for the 2023 Event is now open.

We have made some significant decisions, and investment, to ensure the success of Weymouth Speed Week for many years to come.

Mike George used his expertise to create the very efficient results generation software that helped make the 2022 event such a success. In 2022 we also trialled the Motion Mini GPS, a new state of the art 10Hz unit that uses a μblox chipset to give superb accuracy. This unit has been created specifically by Julien Leclercq for events like ours and it has been a pleasure to work with Julien to optimise some of the features that help us run our event. It is very rugged, totally sealed and waterproof and has only one light and one button. It charges remotely by being placed on a charging pad and downloads the day's data via WiFi  - we love them! 

We have 100 units on order for this year's event, we have also bought a pair of decent laptops and WiFi routers to enable us to run everything, and have a backup.

To help make this work we moved the web site to a new web host and created this new web site to ensure we are using current systems with long term support. We have introduced a new entry form that easily captures all of the information needed to enable us to run the event and generate results for competitors in the many classes and craft types that feature.

So for 2023, and future events, everyone will use a Weymouth Speed Week provided GPS that will be pre-allocated and ready for you on your arrival. If you wish to compete with more than one craft type, for example sailboard and wingboard, then two GPS units will be needed and they will be labelled for each craft type.

Thank you,

Nick and the WSW team.

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